Jaime Nuñez and José Antonio Bravo are second cousins, whose mothers, Mariane and Nena, studied together in Osorno. Years later they reunite in Santiago where each one of them established their own family, creating a bond between their children, us.

Years later, we meet again in Colchagua Valley, José Antonio as a winemaker and Jaime as viticultor. Our reunion was fueled by our common passion for motorcycles, and between trips within and outside Chile, we started talking about the possibility of making wine together. So in 2011 we produce two barrels of Carmenere, vinified in a very rudimentary form, but getting a very good quality. This motivated us to produce a greater volume of wine in 2013, fermented in an external warehouse. In 2014 we built a small adobe winery, producing our 2014 harvest in it and getting a total of 17 barrels.

In August 2014 we bottle our 2013 wines with the first label under the name of OWM Hand Made, our society’s name.